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Overland Tours/Safaris

Our overland safaris are adventure trips and are designed with people who have an adventurous spirit in mind. Travelling through both southern and east Africa, trips vary in length so offer options for those who have a limited time frame. The nature of overland travel is such that it is generally better suited to the young (and young at heart), but we do not impose an upper age limit.

We provide all cooking, camping equipment and sleeping mat, with the exception of your sleeping bag, on all of our camping trips. Transport is on custom converted trucks that are completely self-sufficient – carrying all the necessary equipment, passenger’s luggage, fuel, and fresh water and food stocks.

Passengers are expected to participate in all aspects of the trip. This means pitching and dismantling your own tent and, on a roster basis, helping with the daily chores such as cooking, washing up and truck cleaning. On all of our camping trips we have a Safari Cook, although we do ask you to assist in the food preparation and shopping. Bargaining in the local markets and helping produce a meal for between 10 and 30 people, can be great fun. The advantages of group travel are achieved when the group works as one. Sharing the responsibility for the roster duties, as well as the packing and security of the vehicle, equipment and belongings will help to make the groups collective experience an enjoyable one.

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