School Camps

Situated on the banks of the Breede River, less than 90 min from Cape Town lies our Breede River Camp. Located in the heart of the beautiful Breede Valley with a backdrop of spectacular mountains, veld and fynbos, this river School camp aims to provide each child with an unforgettable adventure.

We promote a journey of self-discovery where every child gets given the opportunity to step forward and gain a deeper insight into themselves and others. We offer a safe, fun and exciting environment where learning and adventure come together.

The Grade 4 – 6 Camp Programme focuses mainly on environmental awareness, team work and fun. Learners are given the opportunity to explore and learn about the natural environment. Activities are interactive and educational. Learners are divided into mixed groups where they are encouraged to interact positively with their peers. Our energetic team of facilitators are always on hand to ensure that everyone has a positive camp experience.

The Grade 7 – 9 Camp Programme focuses more specifically on Leadership, Team Building and Interpersonal Skills. Learners are given the opportunity to work actively as part of a group. Relating with people and being able to work in mixed groups naturally encourages the learners to develop effective communications skills. Within the structured programme, learners are also given the space and freedom to interact and socialise with their peers.

The Grade 10 – 12 Camp Programme includes more challenging activities, both physically and mentally.
Working in teams, learners are given the freedom to develop their own strategies in order to complete set
activities. As part of the programme, learners are also given the opportunity to discover different aspects of
themselves and others.

Activities Offered:

Cooperative Games / River Rafting / Team Building / Giant Spider Web / Drama Groups / Adventure Challenge / Nature Walks / Obstacle Course / Star Gazing / Creative Art / Sports Games / Personal Reflection

Students are under supervision at all times. Any medical assistance exceeding on-site first aid will be administered by the Worcester Medi Clinic located 15 min away.

For more information, please send us a mail.